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The Women's Gift Alliance is a nonprofit membership organization affiliated with the Idaho Community Foundation. The Alliance does not limit funding to women's causes but strives to address a broad range of community needs. Members in the Women's Gift Alliance (WGA) commit to an annual donation for three consecutive years.  Of the yearly membership donations, half are pooled and distributed through a grant solicitation and selection process. The remaining half is equally divided between individually designated gifts and an endowment fund.  The WGA awards annual grants from its Pooled Grant Fund through a collaborative selection process directed by its membership. Through an application process via the Preliminary Application, the Grant Committee identifies and requests proposals from organizations that make a significant community impact and demonstrate one or more of the following criteria:

Respond to an urgent or critical need

Seek to solve a community problem with a unique approach

Create a bold new venture.

Selected proposals are placed on a ballot and voted on by the entire membership. All Pooled Fund Grants are locally distributed within North Idaho. The award amount is dependent on the size of the Pooled Fund each year. The WGA's first grant, in the amount of $26,000, was awarded in July of 2005. 

The Philanthropic Member Individual Gift Fund allows each member the opportunity to support their own unique interests by donating to the nonprofit organization of her choice. It is possible for members to direct their individual gift to the Pooled Fund grant thereby maximizing the impact of that fund. It is also possible for members to direct their individual gift to the Endowment Fund. Endowment Fund monies are deposited in our fund at the Idaho Community Foundation.

Individually Designated Gifts are awarded every year in July. Each of our members designates a $250 Individual Gift to the non-profit organization of her choice. If a member does not designate their individual gift, the $250 goes to the Endowment Fund.

Individually designated gifts are awarded every year AFTER August 1.

A list of Kootenai County non-profit organizations is distributed to our members for their use when designating their Gift.  If you would like to be added to this list please submit the following form by clicking here

2018 Grants Awarded

Seeking 2019 Grant Applicants

Do you know of a Nonprofit that can benefit from a WGA Grant?  Does your organization have a great idea that just doesn't have funding?  See the grant information below if you are interested in our 2019 grant cycle.  Applications are due November 14th.