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Women's Gift Alliance

Making a difference through collective philanthropy


To pool the talents and resources of women in Kootenai County, Idaho

to provide meaningful financial support to a broad range of charitable, cultural and educational projects within our community.

WGA strives to increase women's awareness, involvement and leadership in local, collective philanthropy. WGA awards annual grants through a collaborative selection process directed by the membership.

The grant selection process promotes the education of WGA members and the nonprofit applicants we serve.


Members have gifted $1,632,792

back to our community through pooled

fund grant awards and individually designated gifts.


As a member, you leverage your

single gift with all WGA members,

which in turn contributes to a stronger Kootenai County. 

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Over $1,632,792 Awarded to Kootenai County Nonprofits Since 2005

Idaho Drug Free Youth


Youth Vision

Grant funds will be used to create a social media campaign focused on educating youth on the effects of drugs and alcohol. Social media increases IDFY’s reach three-fold over in-person contacts. Funds will also update their website focused on drug education for youth.

Idaho Drug Free Youth logo.png
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Literacy Project of North Idaho logo.png

The Literacy Project of North Idaho  


Administrative Support

Funds will be used to hire a part-time director. Since its inception, this nonprofit offers free programs to improve literacy to low-level literacy adults, English language learners, and parents and caregivers working to support early literacy in their own families. The leadership from a part-time director is vital to continued growth of the program.

PB & J Haydeners


Mobile Produce Distribution

This grant will enable PB&J Haydeners to purchase a cargo van to distribute produce more effectively and move away from using personal vehicles. This 4-year-old nonprofit distributes fresh produce to targeted populations including fixed income, limited income families, single income families, youth and military in our community.

PB&J Haydeners Logo.png

Gifts That Keep Giving

Coeur d'Alene Press, June 22, 2022

Tesh, Inc. Vice President Terri Johnson and client Travis Hoard have a happy exchange Tuesday, June 21, 2022 while discussing upgrades in the activity center break room. On Thursday, June 23, Tesh, Inc. and other local nonprofits will receive a portion of $85,000 in grants from the Women's Gift Alliance.


Tesh-Kitchen Area 6-2022 (2).JPG
12-9-21 Holiday Heart to Heart-Group RS.jpg

The WGA $25,000 Grant Award to the Music Conservatory of Coeur d'Alene has been put to work with 7 new pianos in two studios!

WGA members and friends pictured at the Holiday Heart to Heart event, Dec. 2021

Impact-2 Finalist Awards.png


Ds Connections NW   

$5,000 Finalist Award

​This organization is a network of support, information, and resources for everyone. They provide a single point of connection for people with a Down Syndrome diagnosis, their families and the community at large.

Museum of North Idaho   

$5,000 Finalist Award

The Museum of North Idaho works to preserve and illuminate the past to inspire the future.

Kids with Calf

Join today to help neighbors in Kootenai County

Children's Village thank you to WGA for
2020 pooled fund grant to purchase van

Blue Dots
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