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Women's Gift Alliance

Making a difference through collective philanthropy


To pool the talents and resources of women in Kootenai County, Idaho

to provide meaningful financial support to a broad range of charitable, cultural and educational projects within our community.

WGA strives to increase women's awareness, involvement and leadership in local, collective philanthropy. WGA awards annual grants through a collaborative selection process directed by the membership.

The grant selection process promotes the education of WGA members and the nonprofit applicants we serve.


Members have gifted $1,495,792

back to our community through pooled

fund grant awards and individually designated grants.


As a member, you leverage your

single gift with all WGA members,

which in turn contributes to a stronger Kootenai County. 


We are a nonprofit membership organization affiliated with the Idaho Community Foundation. Of the yearly membership donations, half are pooled and distributed through a grant solicitation and selection process. The remaining half is equally divided between Individually Designated Gifts and the WGA Endowment Fund.

WGA Grants at work in our community include Children's Village, Habitat for Humanity, Gizmo, Museum of North Idaho, Rathdrum Senior Center, TESH, Trinity Group Homes, Emerge CDA, St. Vincent de Paul, First Judicial CASA, Lutherhaven Ministries, CDA Charter Academy, plus so many more!


Times to socialize and to become more informed philanthropists are member benefits. When you join, you'll receive invitations to "Heart to Heart" through out the year, the annual Fall Dinner event, New Member Coffees, Grant Proposal Presentations in May and the Awards gathering in June.

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Over $1,495,792 Awarded to Kootenai County Nonprofits Since 2005

The Women's Center (dba Safe Passage)   $25,000

Mental Health for abused children and families


Grant funds will be used to hire a mental health counselor at the Children’s Advocacy Center.  The counselor will support the mental health needs of children who have alleged sexual or physical abuse, or who have witnessed domestic violence and also equip non-offending caregivers to understand and support their child’s wellbeing during the criminal investigation process and beyond.

Safety Net Inland Northwest  $25,000

Expansion into Kootenai County

Grant funds will be used to establish a base of operations in Kootenai County that increases awareness of Safety Net services and facilitates mission objectives.  Funds will be used for assistance for local foster alumni to help them navigate basic needs and financial emergencies and to provide social connection so they know they are not alone.

Tesh, Inc.  $25,000

Activity Center Kitchen Remodel

Grant funds will be used to remodel the kitchen in their activity center space used for lunch and snack preparation and clean-up for their most significantly challenged population, making it ADA compliant to include a double sink and cabinet, refrigerators and dishwasher, food pantry, storage shelves and broom closet.

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Gifts That Keep Giving
from the Coeur d'Alene Press, June 22, 2022

Tesh, Inc. Vice President Terri Johnson and client Travis Hoard have a happy exchange Tuesday, June 21, 2022 while discussing upgrades in the activity center break room. On Thursday, June 23, Tesh, Inc. and other local nonprofits will receive a portion of $85,000 in grants from the Women's Gift Alliance.

Tesh-Kitchen Area 6-2022 (2).JPG
12-9-21 Holiday Heart to Heart-Group RS.jpg

The WGA $25,000 Grant Award to the Music Conservatory of Coeur d'Alene has been put to work with 7 new pianos in two studios!

WGA members and friends pictured at the Holiday Heart to Heart event, Dec. 2021

The Literacy Project of North Idaho

$5,000 Finalist Award

The only organization that provides adult basic, ESL (English as a Second Language), and family literacy program services locally.

Celebrate Inc., (dba Out of the Shadows Theater)

$5,000 Finalist Award

Bringing actors with intellectual, developmental, and physical disabilities out of the shadows and into the spotlight!

Impact-2 Finalist Awards.png
Kids with Calf

Join today to help neighbors in Kootenai County

Children's Village thank you to WGA for
2020 pooled fund grant to purchase van
Blue Dots
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