Women's Gift Alliance

Making a difference through collective philanthropy


To pool the talents and resources of women in Kootenai County, Idaho

to provide meaningful financial support to a broad range of charitable, cultural and educational projects within our community.

WGA strives to increase women's awareness, involvement and leadership in local, collective philanthropy. WGA awards annual grants through a collaborative selection process directed by the membership.

The grant selection process promotes the education of WGA members and the nonprofit applicants we serve.


Members have gifted over $1,400,000

back to our community through pooled

fund grant awards and individually designated grants.


As a member, you  leverage your single

gift with all WGA members, which in turn contributes to a stronger Kootenai County. 

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We are a nonprofit membership organization affiliated with the Idaho Community Foundation. Of the yearly membership donations, half are pooled and distributed through a grant solicitation and selection process. The remaining half is equally divided between Individually Designated Gifts and the WGA Endowment Fund.

WGA Grants at work in our community include Children's Village, Habitat for Humanity, Gizmo, Museum of North Idaho, Rathdrum Senior Center, TESH, Trinity Group Homes, Emerge CDA, St. Vincent de Paul, First Judicial CASA, Lutherhaven Ministries, CDA Charter Academy, plus so many more!


Times to socialize and to become more informed philanthropists are member benefits. When you join, you'll receive invitations to "Heart to Heart" in August and December, the October Dinner and Speaker event, Grant Proposal Presentations in May and the Awards gathering in June, plus our members only Lunch Bytes Book Club.

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Over $1,400,000 Awarded to Kootenai County Nonprofits Since 2005

2021 Pooled Fund Grant Awards
Office Moms+Dads Jody Harris-TraceyTinda

Office Moms and Dads   $25,000

Providing Support for Children Entering

Foster Care in Kootenai County


This grant will fund the Coeur d’Alene site launch of this proven program that provides well-trained and loving adult volunteers to be onsite at our local Idaho Department of Health and Welfare office to comfort and care for children who have just been removed from their home due to abuse or neglect, as well as providing snacks, diapers, food and clothing.

CDAIDE  $25,000

Arts & Athletics Scholarship Fund for

Children of Hospitality Workers

This grant will provide startup money for a Scholarship Fund to enable children of low-income hospitality workers to participate in extra-curricular programs in the arts, sports, STEM, academics, camp, and recreation. 

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12-9-21 Holiday Heart to Heart-Group RS.jpg

Music Conservatory of Coeur d'Alene  $25,000

Parts for the Arts

Grant funds will equip the new music conservatory with an electronic piano teaching lab, rhythm instruments, chimes, recording equipment, and a performance piano to bring music instruction and performance opportunities for all ages and economic levels to Kootenai County.

December 2021, our Grant has been put to work with 7 new pianos in two studios!

WGA members and friends pictured at the Holiday Heart to Heart event.

Birds of Prey NW-Don+Janie Veltkamp-Luna(4).jpg

Birds of Prey Northwest 

$5,000 Finalist Award

Birds of Prey Northwest’s mission is to educate the public about birds of prey, through live raptor presentations and outreach, and to provide medical treatment to injured, sick, and orphaned wild raptors with the goal of returning them to the wild. 

On Site for Seniors RS.jpg

On Site for Seniors  $5,000 Finalist Award

This is a faith-based team approach to meeting the needs of the ‘whole person’ and their family by providing medical care through on-site house calls, telehealth services, resources, and by compassionately sharing the love of God.

Kids with Calf

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Children's Village thank you to WGA for
2020 pooled fund grant to purchase van
Blue Dots