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Membership is based on a three year commitment with an annual donation of $1,050. How your donation is allocated:

Pooled Grant Fund

$500 of your annual membership donation is pooled with other members' funds and distributed through a grant solicitation and selection process. 

Individually Designated Gift

$250 of your membership is designated by you to a nonprofit of your choice.

Endowment Fund

$250 of your membership is added to this Fund. WGA is able to disburse set amounts annually from this Fund.

$50 of your membership donation is allocated to administrative expenses.

You are welcome to join WGA at anytime during the year. To vote in the next year's Pooled Fund Grant Cycle, donations must be made by December 1. Donations are made directly to Idaho Community Foundation, a registered 501(c)(3) for accounting purposes only. All grants and gifts are locally distributed and directed by our WGA membership.

All contributions are fully tax deductible, except for the $50 administrative expense.

WGA offers a special Sprouting Fund membership

for women 40 years old and younger at $550, with the balance of $500 being paid by an anonymous donor. The Sprouting Fund membership encourages interest in WGA among women who might not feel fully prepared to commit the entire amount in dues their first year. Subsequent two years dues of $1,050 each year are the responsibility of the member. 

You may pay Membership Dues online by clicking the yellow button. You will be redirected to the Idaho Community Foundation payment page.

For donations of stocks or stock transfers, please contact our Treasurer:


WGA is an all-volunteer organization. Opportunities to serve on the Board or on Committees are open to all members. Read the proposals and vote on our annual Pooled Fund Grant recipients. Attend events, join our Lunch Bytes Book Club!

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Join by

December 1, 2021

to vote in the

2022 Grant cycle.